Why are you based in South Africa yet your main currency is USD?

We initially began in Zimbabwe where using the US dollar was the currency used. When we moved to South Africa, we kept it as our currency for our existing clientele and to be honest- it has been difficult to change as our whole store was created in USD! Our prices are therefore dependant on that USD amount and that is why they change according to the current exchange rates. Please bear with us as this does not change anything on your side. If anything, if you choose a day when your currency is strong against the USD, you could save! I wish we could fix this on our side as it can be confusing, so we are working on it. 

When you shop, you will be able to see whatever your local currency is and when you check out, it simply gets exchanged to USD on our side. You do not need a foreign account or anything like that. You simply check out as usual and voila! It's as if you're shopping online, at any other local store. 

Help! I don't have a PayPal Account, can I still buy? 

Yes! You simply check out as usual. PayPal is just the provider we use for its security and reliability for both us as a store and you as the customer. 

How can I contact Bergen & Rowe and where are you located?

You can email us with any queries or concerns on info@bergenandrowe.com 

We are located in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Can I choose a different shipping method? 

As our pieces are high-end, we choose to use a reliable courier offering tracking with your package. This allows us to ensure as best as possible that you will receive your package, and it also gives you peace of mind that you will receive your package in a timely manner. If you do have any queries, please email us. 

Do you do custom orders? 

Bergen & Rowe offers a bespoke collection of pieces which incorporate gemstones which have been personally sourced and selected carefully by us. The stones are ethically sourced and the country in which they were mined is named. These pieces are available to view in person or they may be uploaded on our website.

For custom orders, we can have them drawn for you before confirmation of manufacture.

These pieces cannot be returned and although some pieces may appear similar, no two pieces will be the same. 

How do I choose my chain size? 

Chain sizes are currently available at 42cm as this is generally the most flattering, in our opinion. We do sell our chains with an extender, allowing for a longer length should you want to stack them or go for a different look. 

How do I know my ring size? 

To get the best and most precise ring size, please go to your nearest jewellery store and have your required fingers sized. Alternatively, but not as accurate, you could get a tape measure and place that around your finger where your ring would go and use the chart below to then help find your correct size. You could also measure the inside diameter of your ring from one side to the other and that would also give an average size for that ring. 

ring size chart