Luxury Pieces aren't For Everyone, but Each Piece is For Someone | About Bergen & Rowe Jewellery

I have always been a lover of luxury items, not for the name but rather the stories they tell and the craftsmanship behind them. You can get a glimpse of what I mean by opening the door to the house of Dior on Instagram, where they show a little about the creation of their handbags, stitch by stitch, or the artistry by Clare Haggas as she paints the prints for her silk pieces, stroke by stroke, from her home in London. The effort that has gone into designing and creating each item is worth every penny and that is the same with
Bergen & Rowe. 
hand holding a jewellery box packaged with a safari green bow
Our manufacturing is done in the hub of the jewellery world, by a little team who we keep close to our hearts. We are so proud to have found and to support them and will continue to do so. Our stones are sourced either through them, or in our special home country, Zimbabwe. Each stone is unique but each piece has one thing in common: the utmost quality. First drawn by hand, then by CAD and then slowly brought to life and again finished by hand. 
We pride ourselves on not limiting the quality to our pieces, but expanding it to our packaging too. Each gold vermeil or solid silver piece comes within a little white box, with our gold logo and a safari green bow, tied by hand. Each solid gold piece comes in a velvet safari green box with a gold foil stamp, finished with a hand tied, crisp white bow. Lastly, we add a card straight from us and seal the box with our stamp of approval for shipping directly to you. 
With that, we wish you happy shopping with the knowledge of how your piece came to life and a little about the lives behind it. 
With love, 
Bergen & Rowe 

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