It's All in the Details: the Big Cat Claw ring

Complementing our wilderness inspired range of pieces in the African Prelude Collection is the classic Claw Ring. A tasteful, one-of-a-kind kind and easily wearable piece for anyone, male or female, looking to create their own vibe; to add a touch of style. 
cat claw ring on finger
The design came together very naturally and beautifully aligned with the African Prelude Collection. We first did our research to ensure no other claw rings had been done before in the same way that we had in mind, and from there it just took form. That's a huge thing to us; we definitely see 'inspiration' coming into play with many designers, that's how fashion works, but we have no interest in repeating what has been done. We see what has been done & aspire to do something new, or do it better. 
wild cat claw ring
unique jewellery claw ring
claw ring design
The Claw Ring is entirely unique to Bergen & Rowe and was hand sketched, then professionally drawn and then carefully moulded to life, in keeping with our statement, classic and on trend style. To achieve the perfect look, we used a classic claw setting for the gemstones and added some texture in the form of a clean, simple band. Doing this allowed us to not only create the impression of fur, but to also set the gemstones in the best way to allow for maximum light entry, which shows off their beauty. To keep the design on trend, we incorporated the almost domed shape look and used minimal metal to keep it lighter weight and comfortable to wear. The open 'duo style' band finished the piece off beautifully. 
wild cat claw ring on finger
We loved this design so much, we incorporated it into huggies too. Soon we will feature those! But for now, we are still swooning over this beautiful ring. 
With love, 
Bergen & Rowe 

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