Africa Inspired Giveaway | Two Other Brands You Need to Know

Giving is a wonderful way of bringing happiness to both the giver and receiver, and what better time to do this than mid-year. We partnered with two other Africa inspired brands whose work ethic and attention to detail is exactly what you have come to know and love from Bergen & Rowe. The quality, attention to detail and satisfaction in creating each piece big or small is something to be admired and so we are proud to introduce you to Apartment 38 and The Bundle Bag. 

Apartment 38 produces artisanal wares for the contemporary home, supporting a variety of skilled artisans in various areas of Africa. These wares include their Ilala Palm Woven Trays from Malawi, their Ceramics from Zimbabwe and their Hand-Woven Cotton Throws from the vast Karoo in South Africa. I have personally purchased some of their ceramics and kitchen linens and each unboxing was an absolute pleasure! The packaging is so beautifully done, the products so well made and the people behind it so deserving of every ounce of support. 

Continuing with this high standard is what I also love about The Bundle Bag. The Bundle Bag is a small business designing and producing a variety of gorgeous, custom leather handbags and baby bags made by skilled workers in the heart of Zimbabwe. Each bag is designed with much thought and intention, each piece of leather is selected by hand, and each one completed supports the communities involved. What takes it a step further and is so special is seeing the people behind these skilled creations taking such pride in their role in producing these works of art. It is wonderful to see and just as it should be! 

In total, our giveaway featured the classic favourite Bergen & Rowe Ilala Palm Pendant and Chain in solid silver, an Ilala Palm Tray from Apartment 38 and a Genuine Leather Clutch from The Bundle Bag. The clutch leather was selected by the winner and her initials were embossed and then stitched onto her clutch. What a treat!

It brought us such joy to be able to do this, and we can't thank each of you enough for your support along the way! We completed this wanting to be able to gift everyone something, so hopefully in time we can do more.

Looking forward to the future! 

With love, 

Bergen & Rowe x 

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