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We have begun 2022 filled with such gratitude both for our valued clients and followers, as well as for the exciting journey that we are all on. It has definitely not been smooth sailing and I a know there will be many more bumps along the way, but where there is opportunity there is hope! And we are so hopeful for the year ahead. 
In 2021 we continued to work alongside a small business to bring our jewellery designs to life. If you own a Bergen & Rowe piece, you'll see just how unique the design is and how exquisitely it has been made. This is because it is done by a small yet incredible team, in the hub of the jewellery world. Thanks to your support of jewellery lines such as Bergen & Rowe, they have been able to keep going amidst the chaos as well as achieve more of the goals they set out for themselves. This has been incredible to be a part of and we can't thank you enough. 
Going forward, we are going to work harder than ever to make Bergen & Rowe more known so that we can sell more and in turn, support more. Project wise, we have another exciting piece that you may not expect coming soon, and it is simply exquisite! It has been a year looking for the correct materials and, once found, it all just fell into place just as if it was meant to be. It is supporting another small business, and the whole story behind it is something that brings us great joy and I have no doubt it will bring you just that, too. 
Looking forward to sharing this journey with you and again thank you for all of your support! We wish you the very best for 2022. 
With love, 
Bergen & Rowe 

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