Bringing the Safari to You this Valentines Day

As 2021 welcomes us, so does the feeling of a much needed clean slate. We all know the year that has been 2020 and we aren't oblivious to Rome not being built in a day; in fact sometimes it's hard not to feel that things are just simply progressing south. So what we all really need is an escape. Something new and exciting, out of the ordinary. With our current African Prelude collection of jewels, we have aspired to gift you just that. 

This Valentines Day we ran a campaign, Bringing the Safari to You. We hired an artist who brought our vision to life and we thoroughly enjoyed the process! Pictured is an old Series 1 Land Rover, with a Zimbabwean flag on the side. It would typically be British, but we wanted to do that as a little nod to our roots. On top of the Land Rover are our white boxes with their safari green bow, and looking on is a leopard. All set in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe. 

What is in the boxes? Here's what we would gift him or her this Valentines Day. 

      1. We always include our big cat Claw Huggies and gold is the tone of the month. Adorned with yellow sapphire and available in size tiny or medium, or one of each. The silver is just as beautiful and with black diamonds, it was difficult to choose. 
      2. Next is our classic Ilala Palm signet ring. Gorgeous on him or her and available in silver or gold vermeil, but our bet is on him this month in silver. 
      3. Last but not least is our newly launched Ngao Ring. Shield in Swahili, it gives a semblance of protection. Available in gold vermeil with a selection of either green tourmaline, purple amethyst or white diamond. 

If you have ordered your jewels, they will be on their way & if not yet, why not Bring the Safari to You this Valentines Day?

Wishing you love & joy this year. 

Bergen & Rowe 

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