A Zimbabwe Adventure | Travel on a Lake Kariba African Safari, 2021

Recently we embarked on a vacation to beautiful Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe. My family has been going for about 30 years now, so it has become an annual affair! After being in the city for so long, there is nothing quite like the warm, dusty breeze blowing through the dry adrenaline grass. On this particular sojourn, we were fortunate enough to be surrounded by elephant, impala, buffalo, vultures, crocodiles and lion. It was truly spectacular. 
lioness running towards vultures crowding over a hippo kill
We holidayed on the renown houseboat, African Dream, and that it was; a hotel on the water, fully equipped with air conditioning at all times, each bedroom numbered and with a safe, gowns, hair dryers and private en suite. It was simply gorgeous with the African feel complemented by small finishing touches that made it extra special. Here, we were well taken care of by a team of staff and were able to be in the moment and enjoy each others company. It is quite something talking to a well-seasoned (ha!) Zimbabwean about their youth, the entertainment is endless and can surely leave you on the edge of your seat. There was a time where humanity was, or at the very least appeared to be, wild and free. What a time it was! As our trip would prove, this time isn't fully over yet.
African Dream houseboat collage of pictures in Lake Kariba Zimbabwe
The rest of our time was spent on our speedboat gliding through the fresh air over the lake or crashing through it into waves on the days it was rough. The epitome of freedom! It is from here that we saw abundant wildlife including buffalo and elephant on the shoreline, some hippo wallowing and asserting their dominance and something you don't see all too often; a kill. 
a collage of pictures of wild animals seen in lake kariba, zimbabwe  crocodile swimming from above in lake kariba, zimbabwe
hippo kill surrounded by crocodiles in lake kariba, zimbabwe
We happened across this hippo kill the day prior and it was surrounded by over twelve crocodiles. Upon our return to see if they were still feasting, we found the kill on a nearby shoreline along with a male lion who retreated into the bushes for a rest in the cool shade of the bush. 
lion standing next to a hippo kill in lake kariba, zimbabwe
A lioness then came out for her chance, and she fiercely protected her meal from vultures and another crocodile. When the vultures and crocodile would swoop in on the kill, she would growl and charge forward to chase them away, then retreat and the whole process would be repeated several times over. I believe these two lion belong to a pride of four, with their two cubs. lioness chasing away a crocodile and vultures over a hippo kill
What a breath of fresh air this was! If you have never been on an African safari adventure, do it; it is one you will never forget. 
With love, 
Bergen & Rowe

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